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Noboru Yamaguchi, alias "Salty Taro" ("Ajishio Taro"), is the leader of the 1st years in Destrade High. He also is head of a bike gang whose name varies depending on the adaptation (though it always remains a parody of "Earth, Wind & Fire") and has no direct impact on the series.

Despite being the leader, Noboru does not think too happily about his situation. He only became the leader because he was a good fighter, and dislikes how everybody always talks about beating those from Cromartie without ever appreciating a good joke. In his first appearance, he decides to tell a joke that possibly could cost his role as the leader, but is interrupted and has his joke stolen by Jun Ishikawa. The result - as well as Noboru's other violent reactions to any of Jun's jokes - have convinced his underlings that he in fact hates comedy.

While Noboru may seem to hate Jun at first for his low-brow jokes, later events do show that they simply have a rough friendship.

Apart from Jun, Noboru sees everyone as a comedic rival to him, and will see every stupid act as an attempt at comedy. He considers Honey Boy, Kamiyama's alias, his worst rival because they have a similar popularity level on the radio programmes they send their jokes to. Kamiyama is unaware about the connection between Taro and Noboru and the rivalry overall.

Noboru's actors are Yuuto Kazama (anime), James Reed Faulkner (English dub) and Shoichiro Matsumoto (movie).