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Freddie resembles Freddie Mercury. Despite never speaking, the manga shows that he has a good singing voice (for example, he sings at Shinichi's birthday party and receives positive feedback). Like Mercury, Freddie sings with a broken microphone stand bottom.

It remains unknown what his real name is, since Kamiyama merely chooses to call him Freddie based on his appearance. He did refer to himself as "Freddie," signing that name in autographs.

Freddie rides to school on a large horse called "Black Dragon" in the ADV translation and "Kukoryu" in Japan. The latter name is a reference to the horse Kokuoh in Fist of the North Star.

Shinjiro Hayashida claimed that Cromartie would be the "Olympics for badasses" for as long as Freddie attended, and that Takashi's wish to reform the school therefore would be impossible to fulfill until Freddie was defeated. (The claim is probably a joke since Freddie transferred to the school one month before the manga's story began, while the school has been chaotic since it was founded.)

Freddie was played by Hiroyuki Watanabe in the movie, and is the only character to only have been played by one actor.


  • In an earlier chapter of the manga that was not adapted into the anime, there is an entire chapter committed to figuring out something about Freddie. With the use of some old book and deduction Kamiyama and his friends deduce that Freddie's Blood type has to be AB, which they later regretfully realize is a pretty pointless piece of information.
  • In the manga and the movie, Freddie is more Japanese in appearance. In the anime, he is more directly modelled on the real life appearance of Freddie Mercury.