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One of the very few times he smiles.

Akira is a delinquent who claims to never have lost a single of the fights he always got into before high school, including one which was 5 vs. 1. Nowadays, he often is abducted by delinquents from Bass High School, is ignored and disrespected in Cromartie High because he lacks a nickname, and worries about having no presence left. In the manga, he chooses the nickname "Dragon of Razors" with the help of Hokuto's lackey, and returns the favor by calling him "The American Dream". Although Akira states that he wanted the latter nickname for himself, it is never made clear why. No one else seems to acknowledge those names, and the names are never mentioned again after that particular chapter.

Among Takashi Kamiyama's friends, Akira takes on a Tsukkomi-role by virtue of often being the only one to point out how outlandish the current situation has become. Ironically, despite saying that he would prefer to punch somebody over talking it over, he only does the berating that Tsukkomi are associated with.

When the students of Cromartie High have a meeting, they usually gather at Akira's house without his permission. This nearly always annoys him, since they seem to always leave a mess behind or even break things, which is a pretty unusual trait for someone claiming to be a delinquent. One notable exception from this was when the gang organised a birthday party for him at his place, which made him very happy, although sadly it wasn't actually his birthday, and he just didn't have the heart to tell the others about this. 

He bears a great resemblance to his mother, whose appearance normally horrifies everyone else. Other times, Mrs. Maeda is mistaken for her son, and he is always the one who points it out.

His name is a parody of a famous Japanese wrestler. His female form wears a big blue bow on her head and has the first name Akiko, which coincidentally is the name of a Japanese award-winning ceramist.

His actors are Tetsu Inada (anime), Andy McAvin (English dub) and Hiroshi Yamamoto (movie).